Student Showcase: Statistics and R Presentations

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Alice Wolfe
Alice Wolfe is a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Toronto where she specialized in mechatronics and manufacturing. Alice seeks to use her engineering background, administrative experience, and love of communication as the Program Coordinator at Lantern Institute.

An important skill for data scientists is to be able to summarize their findings in an efficient manner. We believe students should master soft skills such as presenting along with technical skills to become well-rounded, desirable employees.

To facilitate this, students receive final projects that allow them to do a deep dive into the course subject matter, honing their technical skills. Students then need to summarize their findings in a short presentation that they give to a panel of judges. 

The panel of judges is comprised of subject matter experts and professionals who are unfamiliar with the technical work. Students need to prepare their presentation in a way that is appealing for the varied audience. This mimics the interview environment and prepares them for their future careers.

We are very proud of our September 2018 cohort! They’ve dedicated countless hours to our Data Science and Mathematical Finance program and their hard work shows in their presentations. We are looking forward to seeing their continued success and growth in the second half of our program!

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