Our Team


Dmitry Vyushin, Ph.D.

Director of Market Risk models, royal bank of canada

Dr. Dmitry Vyushin is a Director in Non-Trading Book Risk Modelling Team of Market Risk Department at the Bank of Montreal. He is currently developing a new Enterprise VaR system that covers Trading, Treasury, Insurance, and Pension portfolios. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a PhD in Physics in 2009, he joined the Operational Risk Department of Scotiabank. In 2012, he was promoted to the position of Director, Enterprise Risk Stress Testing at Scotiabank, where he led the development of statistical Non-Retail and Retail Credit Risk Stress Testing models. In the beginning of 2015 Dmitry assumed the role of Director, Market & Counterparty Credit Risk Modelling at the Bank of Montreal, where he was involved in the redevelopment of an existing Trading Book IRC model into a Monte-Carlo based model for Credit, Counterparty Credit, and CVA economic capital calculation.


Markiyan Sloboda, Ph.D.

Vice President CApital Market, Bank of Montreal

Dr. Markiyan Sloboda finished his PhD in Computer Science from University of Guelph. His research was related to applying artificial intelligence to model calibration. Then he joined TD Bank as manager of Advanced Analytics in the Anti-Money Laundering department. He and his team of four PhD scientists were responsible for building predictive models to identify suspicious transactions for 2.5 years. After that Dr. Sloboda joined Bank of Montreal (BMO) as a manager in Model Vetting, focusing on models related to pricing derivatives. He was responsible for validating equity, interest rate and exotic options for more than three years. Currently, Dr. Sloboda is working as a Vice President in BMO Capital Markets, responsible for developing equity vanilla pricing models and supporting the volatility trading desk in their everyday activities. During his tenure at TD and BMO, Dr. Sloboda was also teaching for 3 years at the Ted Rodgers Business School, Ryerson University.

Tanaby Z. Mofrad

Senior Data Scientist, Scotia Bank
Tanaby Zibamanzar Mofrad is a senior data scientists at Scotia Bank. He uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning as one of the main parts of his job and he has a great knowledge in analytics and big data related tools. He has received his masters degree in computer science from Brock university and has been working in data science and data analysis industry for more than 5 years.

Esmaeil Safaei, Ph.D.

Risk Manager, Royal Bank of Canada
Dr. Esmaeil Safaei is currently a risk manager in RBC Capital Markets. Prior to his current role, Esmaeil was working as a Quantitative Analyst at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan among a skillful team whose expertise was entrusted in the financial security of 316,000 retired teachers. Despite his foothold in the financial industry, he had his beginnings in engineering. After earning his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto, he made a brave decision of changing his career in order to pursue his true interests. Having been fascinated by questions regarding the science of money management, the theories of economics, and understanding the financial problems, he obtained his Master of Financial Mathematics at McMaster University.

Hélène P. Lussier

President, Lussier Search

Hélène P. Lussier is the president of LUSSIER SEARCH and has a history of placing risk management professionals since 1993 at the senior and mid management levels. She works with experienced global risk professionals whose careers have taken them throughout the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and beyond.

Her company’s areas of search and recruitment include: Financial Engineering, Quantitative Analytics, Risk Modeling, Derivatives Pricing and Valuations, Risk Model Vetting and Validation, Risk Audit, Risk Reporting and Analysis, Counterparty Credit Risk, Economic and Regulatory Capital, Regulatory Compliance, Internal Risk Ratings, Basel II and III, V-a-R, Market and Liquidity Risk, Credit Risk, AIRB, Operational Risk, AMA approach, Enterprise Risk Management.

Amirsina Eskandarifar

Data Scientist, Acerta

Amirsina is a Data Scientist in Acerta. He graduated as a master of mechanical engineering from the University of Toronto. But, his great interest in programming and statistics brought him to data science and machine learning fields. Therefore, he currently uses his mechanical domain knowledge and data science skills together to analyse data from automotive and manufacturing industries such as ZF, General motors, Chrysler, and Linamar. He uses machine learning algorithms to identify faults and detect anomalies in different mechanical systems including transmission unit vibration data, internal combustion engine data, and etc. He is so passionate about teaching and eagerly wants to transfer his knowledge to people interested in these fields.

Ali H., Ph.D.

Data Scientist, Manulife Financial Corporation
Our guest lecturer is a Data Scientist in Manulife Financial Corporation. He is an expert in Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Bayesian Inference, Gaussian Processes, Monte Carlo Simulation, PCA and Recommender Systems. He has a PhD in Astrophysics from British Columbia.

Amir Tajer

Senior Software Developer, Royal Bank of Canada
As a senior software developer at RBC, Amir Tajer has a wealth of expertise in mobile applications. He has more than a decade of experience in distributed and mobile systems. His portfolio includes software application design, development, testing, problem solving, and maintenance in Windows, Linux, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, J2ME, HTML5, native and cross platforms mobile applications. He has designed and developed numerous native mobile applications for Android and BlackBerry, as well as cross platform applications using HTML5, CSS3 and Sencha/PhoneGap/jQueryMobile. He has worked for several different companies both in Canada and the United Kingdom.


team member

Alice Wolfe

VP of Business Operations

Alice Wolfe is a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Toronto where she specialized in mechatronics and manufacturing. Throughout her degree, Alice worked as an administrator at a corporate and securities litigation law firm and gained engineering and business experience from internships held in Ottawa and Toronto in the health care and nuclear industries.

Currently, Alice seeks to use her engineering background, business experience, and love of communication as the VP of Business Operations at Lantern Institute. She makes sure everything runs smoothly at lantern and is always ready to answer any questions you might have.


Hanif Montazeri, Ph.D.



Dr. Hanif Montazeri is a computational physicist with expertise in high performance computing, algorithm design, and advanced numerical techniques. Being a software entrepreneur while at the same time an adjunct faculty member at the University of Toronto, Dr. Montazeri has a clear view of the disconnect between formal education and the job market. As such, under his leadership, this training program was created to help his bright students build a successful career in software related fields. To build this program, he gathered a senior team of software developers and data scientists to develop and teach effective syllabuses containing skills that are actually being used in industries.


Farhad Keramati

Director of operations


Farhad Keramati is a software developer at NuPhysics Consulting. Along with his proven expertise in programming, Farhad brings to our students a high degree of expertise in teaching, providing our students a strong basis for the advanced modules taught by our industry experts.