The Perks of Being A Data Scientist: Practical Data Tools for Students

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Alice Wolfe
Alice Wolfe is a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Toronto where she specialized in mechatronics and manufacturing. Alice seeks to use her engineering background, administrative experience, and love of communication as the Program Coordinator at Lantern Institute.

Last week Lantern Institute collaborated with the University of Toronto to hold a complimentary workshop for science, technology, engineering, and math students: The Perks of Being a Data Scientist: Practical Data Tools for STEM Students. 

Twenty four bright and eager University of Toronto students took time out of their hectic midterm schedules to learn from two of our amazing instructors. 

From our Python Instructor, they learned the kind of work a data professional does, the tools they use everyday and how to practice using these tools currently. 

Our Python Instructor getting to know the Crowd

From our Machine Learning and Data Science Instructor, students learned popular machine learning applications, how they are used in industry and how students can begin to learn these tools. 

Tanaby discussing Natural Language Processing

After the presentations, students had ample time to network with our instructors, ask questions about the content, and speak with our management team to help determine if a data career is right for them. 

Thank you to the event attendees, the University of Toronto for hosting us, and the amazing team at the University of Toronto Career Centre for helping with the event organization and promotion. If you were unable to attend this event, keep an eye out for future workshops!

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