Mathematical Finance & Data Science Program

We are now accepting applications for our March 2019 session.

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Mathematical Finance & Data Science Program

This five-month program provides STEM graduates with a foundation in software and analytical skills to secure jobs in the data and finance industries and is geared towards data science, data analytics, and quantitative finance positions. Our program lecturers are senior professionals working in the finance industry from over 10 companies. They provide in-depth knowledge of the industry as well as a large professional network for students to access. At the end of the course, lecturers teach interview skills in preparation for a professional recruiting company, specializing in the finance industry, to help students secure internships and jobs.


Days till Start
weekdays 6 to 8 PM, March 2019

Most lectures are on weekday evenings between 6pm to 8pm.


Several instructors from different Banks and financial institute such as RBC, BMO, Scotiabank teach this program. See our Blog and People to learn more.

Program Director

Dr. Hanif Montazeri

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This program is offered in two different streams. Stream 1 is for students with a limited programming and statistical background. Stream 2 is for students with a strong analytical and programming background. Students can customize their training to suit their desired career path.

  • Fundamental of Statistics using R for practical data analysis
  • Introduction to database and working with SQL querying
  • Introduction to Quantitative Finance
  • Python programming
  • Excel with VBA
  • Data Visualization with Tableau
  • Personalized career coaching
  • Data analysis
  • Regression analysis using excel spreadsheet
  • Machine Learning
  • Advanced Python programming
  • Financial Mathematics

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We are now accepting applications for our March 2019 Data Science & Mathematical Finance Program session.

Days to Apply

Deadline: April 5th, 2019

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Machine Learning
& Big Data

Learn some of the fundamentals of data science. You will also learn some of the most useful tools that are used in the field such as Hive and Spark.

Fundamentals of statistics using r

This 30-hour course is meant for professionals who need to upgrade their skills for the emerging applications of Statistical Analysis.


In this 20-hour course, you will learn the basics of python programming and also some of the most useful tools that are being used in industry.

Excel Spreadsheet
In this course you would learn about some of the main capabilities of exceland how to use VBA excel to make macros to automate tasks.