Lantern Institute provides graduates of STEM fields fast-tracked training to transition them into a fulfilling career in new emerging fields such as Data Science and Mathematical Finance. Our programs are unconventional, employing instructors who actively work in the industry to teach our students the skills currently demanded by the market. Our tuition fee structure is even more unconventional. Given our proven record of successful hiring, students only pay full tuition fee if they secure a job. For more information attend one of our info sessions.

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Our Programs

Our programs teach graduate in-demand skills that significantly increase their employability in Toronto's burgeoning IT and financial services industriesWe offer a five-month Data Science & Mathematical Finance program, as well as short, intensive courses on software such as Python, Java, data science tools and Excel VBA. Our next round of courses starts in Jan. 2018.

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We believe that our students should not have to pay for our programs unless they are proven to help them find employment. Our Confidence Credit plan, ensures you don't pay tuition unless you find employment using the skills we teach. A small refundable deposit is the only upfront payment required.

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Instructors from Industry

The instructors of our advanced modules are industry coaches, who actively work in industry and design our curricula based on the activities of their employers. Fundamental concepts in statistics, mathematics, and programming are taught by instructors with a technical academic background, providing you with the best of both worlds.


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The Challenge

Due to rapidly changing technology and the increased application of computational and data analytics, the demands of employers are changing at a faster rate than universities can update their curricula. As a result, university graduates struggle to find jobs they are qualified for, and employers struggle to find qualified professionals to hire.

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Our Response

Lantern Institute bridges the gap between universities and the job market by training university graduates in the skills that employers demand most. With help from our partners in finance, IT and recruiting firms, we connect the graduates we train with employers in need of personnel with the skills we teach.