Pay for the program after you secure employment. 

Are you a working professional wanting to upgrade your skill set? We have courses for you.

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What we do

Lantern Institute provides STEM field graduates with personalized training to transition them into a fulfilling career in high growth industries such as Data Science and Mathematical Finance. 

We offer  hands-on technical courses to working professionals wanting to boost their skill set and take their career to the next level.

Our programs are unconventional, employing instructors who actively work in industry to teach our students the skills currently demanded by the market. Our tuition fee structure is even more unconventional. Given our proven record of successful hiring, students only pay the full tuition fee if they secure a job. 

Attend an information session to learn more and meet our Program Director.

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Our Data Science Program

This five-month program provides foundational software and analytical training followed by advanced courses that can be tailored to your skill set and career trajectory. 

  • Mathematical Finance
  • Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning

Why Lantern Institute?

Instructors: Senior Working Professionals

Laser Focused Content

Our syllabi are designed and taught by senior professionals. They work with the material delivered to our students, ensuring our students learn sought-after skills.
Meet the team

The job hunt is tough. We're here to help.

70% of jobs are filled internally or through networking

Access the elite Lantern Institute network comprised of industry leaders, data science and finance focused recruiting industries, and the vast networks our instructors bring. Oh, and our instructors are incentivized to find our students jobs.
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Personalized Coaching by Industry Experts

20+ Hours of Soft Skills Coaching

We support our students through the journey of discovering the career best suited for their unique skill set. This perfectly positions our students to succeed right out of the start gate. Our students receive personalized career coaching, resume editing, interview prep and more delivered by experts specializing in data science and finance.
What else will I learn?

Tuition? Only if you land a job.

Confidence Inspires Superior Work

Our students should be as confident as we are in our ability to train desirable personnel. To facillitate this confidence we only ask for a small deposit upfront. The remaining tuition is paid after you launch your career.
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Machine Learning
& Big Data

Learn some of the fundamentals of data science. You will also learn some of the most useful tools that are used in the field such as Hive and Spark.

Fundamental of statistics using r

This 30-hour course is meant for professionals who need to upgrade their skills for the emerging applications of Statistical Analysis.


In this 20-hour course, you will learn the basics of python programming and also some of the most useful tools that are being used in industry.

Excel Spreadsheet
In this course you would learn about some of the main capabilities of exceland how to use VBA excel to make macros to automate tasks.

The Challenge

With the rapid changes in technology that numerous industries are undergoing due to the increased application of computational and data analytics, the demands of employers are changing. These changes occur at a pace that universities cannot meet and their curricula become outdated. As a result, university graduates struggle to find jobs they are qualified for, and employers struggle to find qualified professionals to hire.

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Our Response

Lantern Institute bridges the gap between universities and the job market by training university graduates in the skills that employers demand most. With help from our partnering finance, IT and recruiting firms, we then connect the graduates we train with employers in need of personnel with the skills we teach.


We are now accepting applications for our March 2019 Data Science & Mathematical Finance Program session.

Days to apply

Deadline to apply: April 5th, 2019

To apply to our Mathematical Finance & Data Science program or an individual course, please follow the link below.